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October 31, 2011 BCA



I can’t begin to tell you how much our Kenilworth neighborhood has improved since the “bad neighbors” – Bowie City Government- have moved out in spring, 2011 and into their new City Hall building. I’ve noticed much less trash, much less filth and much less litter along Kenhill Drive, and much less traffic.

There has been a lot going on. Don’t forget, you can always check The Bowie City Activist Facebook page for City updates.

The Bowie City Activist website recently celebrated its 7 year anniversary! Yes, it was 7 years ago in May, 2004 when the moron Mayor Gee Fred Flintstone and I sparred at Prince Georges Stadium, and the idiot Gee Fred said to me, “you need get a hobby”. So, in response to Gee Fred's suggestion that I get a hobby, I created the Bowie City Activist website at to raise public awareness and to defend the C&C Dance Company from Mayor Gee Fred Flintstone's attack on the popular dance company - one of the most stupid things we have ever seen here in Bowie!

Seven years and over 20,000 internet visitors later, C&C Dance Company has been saved, and the Bowie City Activist website is alive and well at - Bowie's independent voice telling it like it is written by someone who has been here in Bowie longer than the moron Gee Fred and his Blade News crony John Rouse, the louse, and someone who was once voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by Somerset Elementary School's sixth grade class.

There are those who claim to love Bowie as long as they are receiving financial benefit from the City such as John Rouse "the louse" during his long Blade News advertising kickback scheme. Then there are those who truly love this City who have no financial ties to the City whatsoever other than being taxpayers. Those two crooks (yes, I said crooks) Deutsch/Robinson have been a disaster for Bowie.

The Bowie City Activist website receives over 1,000 hits per month now – every month!

Our biggest accomplishment over the past 7 years was supporting the relatively unknown Ingrid Turner and blocking idiot Fred Robinson from being elected to County Council in 2006. We simply could not have someone that stupid as our County Council representative.  And speaking of Fred Robinson’s stupidity, I am sure everyone heard about Mayor Gee Fred Flintstone’s latest act of stupidity – the naming of the new City Hall building after himself. Just when you think the idiot Fred Robinson can’t do anything more stupid, he out does himself. What an arrogant display of vanity and ego that this idiot we have for a mayor would attempt to name the building after himself while still in office. I wrote several e-mails to the Bowie City Council that my larger audience did not see voicing my objections, and nominating someone who actually did something for Bowie – Senator Leo Green – as an alternative nomination if we are going disregard City rules for the personal vanity of one man. Apparently, I was not alone in writing e-mails voicing opposition.    

Lastly, hats off to Matt Corley and City staff who did a great job with Bowie Fest and the Memorial Day Parade. It was great to see many of you at Gary Allen Pond Park for Bowie Fest. What a disgrace to see Fred Robinson in the parade when American blood was shed fighting regimes abroad like the one he represents in Bowie where the Chief Executive Officer is unelected. Of course, these two clowns - Deutsch and Robinson – are both too arrogant and too stupid to understand that. They spit on our laws and our State Constitution – and spit on the graves of those who died for liberty and freedom.  Every day in Bowie I can see the wisdom of our founding Maryland State Fathers who wrote Article 34 as declared right to secure liberty and freedom.  Judge Devlin, who influenced much of our City Charter, must be real proud of himself and the private fiefdom he helped create in violation of Article 34. All you have to do is look at the lack of candidates in our city elections anymore, and you see what happens when liberty is allowed to be crushed by scumbags like Deutsch/Robinson      

Those are the words of the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Was Jackson talking about unelected 18 year incumbent head of the City of Bowie, David “little nuts” Deutsch and his City of Bowie banana republic? Nooooooo!!!! He was talking about the President of the United States.  The video clip can be found here:

Now, how is what Jesse Jackson said any different than what I said here:

My question is will the President file criminal charges against Jesse Jackson like City Hall clown David “little nuts” Deutsch did, and haul Jesse Jackson into Court - attempting to criminalize free political speech? Or, is Jesse Jackson going to be treated differently than how the City of Bowie’s crooked administration treated me and my reaction to uncovering more city election corruption by Deutsch/Robinson? So, I guess our City Manager thinks he is more important than the President Obama. Boy, does he have his head up his own butt. David "little nuts" Deutsch's attempt to criminalize free political speech has utterly failed!


What is it about hanging around the idiot Gee Fred Robinson that “dumbs down” and makes people stupid?
We saw it with the brain dead City Clerk Pam Fleming who saw no conflict of interest or violation of her sacred trust as the City’s election administrator after she made a political campaign contribution to Robinson for County Council in 2006, and then conducting subsequent City elections involving Mayor Robinson. Her failure to remove herself as the City's chief election officer responsible for conducting City elections was highly unethical.   
We saw it in City Councilman Jack Jenkins, who by the time he reached the near end of his 23 year tenure on the City Council didn’t even know where the corporate Bowie City limits were anymore. Jack Jenkins, whose nose was so brown from sucking up to the butt of the louse John Rouse was so “dumbed down” that he couldn’t see (or admit, as in the case of City Clerk Fleming) the obvious as in the barter of wife Connie’s free weekly movie reviews for the pompous ass Rouse’s political endorsement in the Blade News. Boy, did “movie review gate” put a halt on Jenkins wife Connie’s political endorsement bartering with the highly unethical Blade News newspaper editor John Rouse “the louse” thanks to The Bowie City Activist.  
One Saturday, about six months ago in spring 2011, I was stopped at the traffic light at Rt. 450 and Rt. 197, and there sitting next to me in the next vehicle over was Councilwoman Diane Polangin and the idiot Gee Fred Robinson.  If you haven’t noticed in District 2 as the City’s bogus elections approach, the mayor’s trashy/filthy campaign signs can usually be found on lawns that also host Polangin’s signs. The two are now very closely aligned.  
I find that interesting given Polangin’s history, background, and earlier campaign donor lists. Generally speaking, people who donated to Polangin in the 2005 City election – an election which little Jackie Jenkins didn’t even have to lift a finger letting City Hall crook David “little nuts” Deutsch re-elect him behind closed doors – were people who know or suspect something is wrong in City Hall. Diane Polangin was not elected by the citizens of District 2 to continue the Robinson culture of status quo corruption.  The citizens elected Diane Polangin for change.
Let’s not forget Diane’s once adversary role against David “little nuts” Deutsch about 9 years ago in the matter of City of Bowie vs. Bowie Access Corporation, the predecessor to Bowie Media Corporation which holds the license for public access television in Bowie.  
Let’s also not forget Polangin’s highly visible advocacy for equal pay for women. How hypocritical is it for Diane Polangin to be for equal pay for women while also perpetuating the private fiefdom of David “little nuts” Deutsch holding back the advancement of women and minorities in the City administration?
And let’s also not forget Diane Polangin’s past membership in the Oden Bowie Democratic Club. How Democratic is it that we have an Executive Branch of government that is completely unelected? Sounds very undemocratic to me. Again, the word “hypocrite” comes to mind when I think of Diane Polangin since she is for perpetuating an unelected City administration and the private fiefdom of “little nuts Deutsch.  
So what happened to Diane Polangin? Did Polangin sell out?    

I receive anonymous tips about City stuff all the time here at The Bowie City Activist website. I can’t chase every one of them down myself personally. One anonymous tip that I simply have not had time to chase down involves Polangin’s husband Abba, and a conflict of interest which idiot Mayor Gee Fred Robinson has been using to blackmail Polangin. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were true as I more than anyone else in the City of Bowie realize how corrupt our thug Mayor Robinson is, and how he threatens people in order to perpetuate himself.  

But,………..I digress. Stating the obvious about Polangin hypocrisy wasn’t my purpose here.
I received a Campaign flyer from Councilwoman Diane Polangin recently. Diane has been hanging around idiot Mayor Gee Fred Robinson too much because she sure is “dumbing down” like Jack Jenkins before her, and of course the brain dead Robinson Campaign contributor City Clerk Pam Fleming. In the second paragraph Polangin writes:  “As you may recall, I defeated my current opponent in the 2009 election with over 60% of the votes”. My sarcastic reaction: well that is a damn good reason to vote for you. Of course, Polangin conveniently forgets the law of small numbers. The 60% percent margin sounds huge, but the margin of raw votes was small – only 500 votes separated the two (if we can even believe the vote count given there is no independent Board of Elections for City of Bowie elections – crook David Deutsch and “brain dead” Pam Fleming selects the City Council behind closed doors).  
Then Polangin writes this absurd statement:
Over the past four years, I believe I have effected a change in Bowie”.  Oh really, Diane! And pigs fly! What change have you effected in Bowie? Please tell us Diane, how is this City better than it was 4 years ago? It looks trashier and filthier to me, and you have perpetuated a corrupt undemocratic City administration. People are losing their homes and their life’s savings, and Polangin sits on a Council that gives a 19 year incumbent City Manager a pay increase to $202,944 a year. So baloney on that one, Diane! 
And then Polangin gets even more dumber reflecting her close ties to the idiot Gee Fred Robinson and his long history of malfeasance in public office with this closing statement:
“Please feel free to call me……or email me at to talk about Bowie, MY CAMPAIGN (emphasis mine)or anything on your mind”.  So here we have an example of a incumbent City Councilwoman who is using her official City of Bowie email address which transmits e-mails to City of Bowie administration servers to conduct her re-election campaign. Dumb Diane. Very Dumb!   
To contrast the malfeasance of Diane Polangin’s miss-use of her City of Bowie e-mail address to conduct her re-election campaign with that of another Councilman, I receive campaign e-mails from At-Large Candidate & District 3 Councilman Todd Turner (ethics disclosure: I am a campaign supporter of Todd Turner), and Todd Turner uses a completely different non City e-mail address for his campaign as he should.
So the moral of this Bowie City Activist Update is don’t hang around with the idiot Mayor Gee Fred Robinson like Diane Polangin does because it will dumb you down, and make you stupid like Gee Fred Flintstone!

Councilwoman Diane Polangin responds via this e-mail:

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:26 AM
To: Richard Dahms; 'Pam Fleming'; 'Dennis Brady'; 'David Deutsch'; 'Todd M. Turner';;;;; 'John Fitzwater';
Cc: 'Jim Hubbard';; Ingrid M.''Turner;;;;;;;;;;;; 'Geraldine Valentino-Smith'; 'Doug Peters';; 'Josh Flynn';;

Subject: Re: BOWIE CITY ACTIVIST UPDATE - Polangin Dumbs Down!

Dear Mr. Dahms: 

I am shocked to find out that I am not your friend anymore all because you saw me riding in the car with Mayor Robinson on our way to a meeting.  I thought we were friends since meeting in 2005 when you first campaigned for me. (We may have met sooner or later, please don’t fault me for the date).   Normally I would ignore an email like the venomous one you sent out, however, it was so egregious that I felt compelled to respond.  

So to answer your allegations regarding the misuse of my city email – yes, that was an error on my part.  I did not catch that during my proof reading.  I am sure however that you have received a second mailing which has my personal email account in the letter as does the rest of the materials I have been distributing which you should have received as my constituent.  A real friend would have called and said, “Diane, you made a mistake here”.

I guess I was wrong about our relationship.   Please leave my husband out of things.  There is no conflict of interest there. He has not done any work for the city since my election 4 years ago.

As to the campaign contributions to my colleagues - this is a common practice and there is nothing unethical about it.  

Diane M. Polangin

Councilmember, District 2

Richard Dahms responds with this e-mail:

From: Richard Dahms []
Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2011 8:41 AM
To: 'DIANE POLANGIN'; 'Pam Fleming'; 'Dennis Brady'; 'David Deutsch'; 'Todd M. Turner';;;;; 'John Fitzwater';; 'Richard A. Dahms'
Cc: 'Jim Hubbard';; 'Ingrid M.''Turner';;;;;;;;;;;; 'Geraldine Valentino-Smith'; 'Doug Peters';; 'Josh Flynn';;
Subject: RE: BOWIE CITY ACTIVIST UPDATE - Polangin Dumbs Down!

Good morning Councilwoman Polangin,

You must have me confused with the louse John Rouse (who has no nuts, I might add – none whatsoever). The Bowie City Activist website is an alternative city media outlet. As of yesterday, has had 9,541 hits 2011 year to date alone. A council woman who is using her official “elected to office city e-mail address” to conduct her city political re-election campaign is wrong, and – no matter how innocent it may be – is news worthy. As an analogy, it is sort of like speeding – you didn’t intend to speed, but the City traffic camera watching you caught you on film. You get a ticket even though you acknowledge you “made a mistake”.  

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes.   However, some mistakes are more serious than others such as David “little nuts” Deutsch and the Gee Fred Flintstone and the criminal racket they have been operating here in Bowie affecting an entire community, and in violation of our State Constitution Declaration of Rights. As you know, we do not have the power of the vote since the corrupt Deutsch administers our elections. We have no independent board of elections.

The allegations I have received regarding a conflict of interest involving your husband Abba are very relevant. You of all people should know that your spouse is subject to public domain, and public disclosure. I will refer you to the City disclosure document you sign with the City when you run for public office. My source is very credible, and also informed me of the Mayor’s knowledge of your failure to disclose the conflict of interest, and that he has been using this information in a threatening manner with you.  You seem to intentionally put up a smoke screen, “He has not done any work for the city since my election 4 years ago”. 

More personally, I still have the many e-mails we traded during the Bowie city election of 2005, and the aftermath. I have not, and will not make those public out of respect for you (although, I have been tempted to on many occasions)…… there’s a real friend. Again, I am a media outlet. I had to go into the City newspaper business when I saw the advertising kickback scheme going on at the Blade News under your friend John Rouse, “the louse”, and Rouses involvement with Deutsch and the Chamber of Commerce moving the “State of the City” address to be right before City election so Deutsch/Rouse could give Robinson free publicity in the Blade News right before the City election.

Good government in America begins with good government in Bowie. Good government starts at the very top, and to use Fred Robinson as the figurehead, he’s had a long history of malfeasance and corruption – including stonewalling and blocking my Maryland Public Information Act Requests to make the City’s financial records public when I ran for Mayor in 1992.

I hope to live to see the City of Bowie reformed with: 1) term limits on City Council just like Prince Georges County; and 2) The Executive branch of city government faces voters directly, and that the City’s Chief Executive Officer is term limited like Annapolis or Prince Georges County – consistent with Article 34 of our State Constitution Declaration of Rights. It will no longer be a private fiefdom of an unelected Chief Executive Officer going on 19 years now. 

We all are paying for the bad city government we have under David “little nuts” Deutsch. I want basic democratic principles here in Bowie, and I will continue to advocate for them.  I was always taught the goodness of Government until I came across the three stooges many years ago. The four years Robinson was off the City Council during the 1990s twice running unsuccessfully for County Council were the best years Bowie ever had.  

I have taken my time this morning to elaborate and respond to you because I will be posting this entire thread on The Bowie City Activist website, which I am in process of updating.




"I better show up in Bowie alive or people are going to be asking a lot of questions”, I said after a Prince Georges County Police officer slammed my head up against a holding cell wall at the PG County Detention Center on the evening of September 22, 2006. 

September 22, 2011 is the five year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of City Hall crooks David “little nuts” Deutsch and idiot Fred Robinson and their  assault on my family and myself for standing up to the two City Hall crooks following “little nuts” Deutsch’s election corruption/collusion in 2005 with “louse the Rouse” and the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce giving Robinson free publicity in the Blade News with the State of the City address right before the election putting a block on my 2005 mayoral bid. To this day, I am very thankful for the 13 people who took the time to write-my name in as a written candidate in 2005.

Besides some physical injuries that are still with me to this day, I still stand as the only one in town who has publicly spoken out about the crooked PG County cop who became Mayor of Bowie in 1998. Deutsch and Robinson have failed to silence me. Power corrupts and “little nuts” Deutsch’s head, when it isn’t stuck in his butt talking to Rouse and Robinson, has swollen to new levels in his private fiefdom financed by public taxation. In fact. “little nuts” Deutsch new level is now is now $202,944. While many people in the City have suffered during the Great Recession and have lost homes and life savings – clueless King David “little nuts” Deutsch gives himself a pay raise. This is why our State Constitution limits the term of the executive branch of government to protect citizens and liberty from bad people such as David “little nuts” Deutsch. The crook Deutsch is now starting his 19th year as the unelected head of the City of Bowiehighly undemocratic and un-American. 

As an aside, I keep asking myself, “who died in Bowie to give Deutsch a private fiefdom financed by public taxation”? “Did Judge Devlin die?”. Personally, I would think Judge Devlin would be smart enough – because he certainly seems very smart from all the commentaries I have read in the Blade News over the years (and, I read them all) – to realize how he has been used over the years by the corrupt Deutsch/Robinson regime. Judge Devlin just doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would allow himself to be used in this manner. My attorney, Joseph Carey, opened my eyes about Judges salaries compared to “little nuts” Deutsch. Think about the education and legal training and experience required of a Judge. Think about the impact a Judge has on society, and the complexity of the law -  “little nuts Deutsch in his private fiefdom makes $50,000+ more per year than a Judge. And Deutsch’s only experience, other than being a township manager in Pennsylvania, is his own experience here in Bowie.   Can you imagine the mess a New City Chief Executive Officer is going to inherit from Deutsch. We as citizens not only being deprived of our State Constitutional Rights, I suspect we are paying much more in City taxes for the inefficiencies and mis-management of David Deutsch

Any role I may have played in the slim 48 vote election of Ingrid Turner over the corrupt Fred Robinson in September, 2006 I was happy to serve in that capacity.

Five years later after my own personal 9/11 at the hands of the City Hall terrorists, The Bowie City Activist is still proclaiming this message to all of Bowie, and beyond of Fred Robinson’s and David “little nuts” Deutsch’s corruption in public office.

Public corruption in City of Bowie is a new thing only introduced to a good trusting community by Fred Robinson.

It wasn’t always this way in Bowie. The truth about Fred Robinson and our crooked city elections are getting around town which is why there is little participation in our city elections anymore.  The work I have been doing in my hometown of 50 years is a calling – I was the only one capable of standing up to the City Hall terrorists - bad people in high places.   


Oh Great! City Councilman Henri Gardner owes some taxes – a lot of taxes!

Let’s face it – we really don’t know appointed At- Large City Councilman Henri Gardner.  Nor do we know the “other factors” that the City Council used to select him to fill the vacant seat of Geraldine-Valentino-Smith. I think we all are proud of Delegate Valentino-Smith – a hometown homegrown gal who made good. She occupied the Council seat once held by the late Bill Aleshire and Kevin Conroy, two constituent oriented City Councilmen. So, when the Council appointed Henri Gardner last January, he fills the chair that was occupied by three excellent past City Councilpersons. Both Conroy and Valentino-Smith are second generation Bowieites who were known commodities around town. 

Personally, I thought Councilman Todd Turner (District 3) should have been appointed to the vacant seat last JanuaryI applied knowing I wouldn’t be selected for obvious reasons so I used the opportunity to raise city issues that I am passionate about here in my hometown of 50 years.  But there were a couple other candidates who are also “known commodities”. Jim Golato has been through the flawed city election process twice (one more time than Gardner), serves on the Bowie Planning and Advisory Board, is second generation Bowie as son of the famed Al Golato. Pete Mellits kept democracy alive in the last city flawed election as the only person to contest a district. Mellits has served the community over the years in our fire department, and I can tell you personally that no one took better care of Kenilworth Elementary School than Pete and Lisa Mellits.  Mellits is also second generation Bowie. The City would have been well served had the Council selected either Golato or Mellits. Oh, and besides being known commodities in the community, both are “squeaky clean” in terms of their background. I repeat, “both Golato and Mellits are squeaky clean!”  

By the way, unless people think “Dahms can dish it out, but Dahms can’t take it” like that pompass ass John Rouse, let me state that I am not “squeaky clean” like Golato and Mellits.  After the three stooges – Logue/Moore and Robinson (Hey Moe/Hey Larry) raped my constitutional rights and demanded that I make thousands of dollars in renovations to the distressed property I purchased on Kavanaugh Lane in the 1980s, I began drinking, and one evening in 1988 while driving on Stoneybrook Drive just blocks from my home, a Prince Georges County police officer stopped me for a broken tail-light on my vehicle, smelled alcohol, and I was charged with a DUI.  My blood alcohol level was right at the legal limit, and there is some small degree of error in the tests so it could have gone either way. Officer Compton noted in the charging document that I was ‘very polite” which I think helped my case. Judge Femia granted me a “probation before judgment” which is as if it never happened. However, there does remain a public record of the incident.  I have been very careful over the years ever since regarding drinking and driving, but I have not forgotten over the years the stress and the shame that the three stooges – Logue/Moore & Robinson – placed in my life at the time. 

Since Gardner was appointed to the Council, I can only give a mixed review. He along with Councilwoman Diane Polangin spearheaded a Job Fair last spring. Most recently, however, Gardiner is pushing a winter parade from Gary Allen Pond Park down Northview Drive – past the fence where the 1998 South Bowie fence fight occurred where the Robinson for mayor campaign stole my “Dahms for mayor” signs nightly - through to Bowie Town Center. Oh, and Gardner sits on the Board of Directors of the sponsor of the parade. Sounds like a conflict of interest. Where is Benjamin Woolery when you really need him?  
American General Finance has a recorded Judgment lien on Henri Gardner of $5,368.86. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is suing Councilman Gardner for 1,022.91. All cases list Gardner’s Erwin Ct. address.

·         There are other public records that are concerning. There is a Henri Gardner who has an active speeding ticket from the 1990s. He didn’t show up for Court. Then, there are three criminal records involving a Henri Gardner for passing bad checks. I don’t know if this is the same Henri Gardner as it lists a Washington, D.C. address.

I invite a response from Councilman Gardner and whether he is indeed the person who has the various bad check criminal charges, and whether he is the same Henri Garner with the open Traffic Case from the 1990s.

ATAt the Bowie City Activist website, we ask the really hard questionsthe questions Rouse the louse in his “hey day” at the Bowie Blade News would never ask. How can Gardner manage City finances when he can't manage his own personal affairs? Do we really want someone with financial issues on the Bowie City Council?

I suspect the idiot Mayor Robinson wanted someone on the Council that he could control, and use this information against Gardner knowing full well Gardner’s background. The Council did a poor job in its selection last January and reflects negatively on the Council.  Todd Turner was, indeed, the most qualified and should have been selected. After Turner, the Council would have done well with either Golato or Mellits. They are squeaky clean. 

The standards here in Bowie continue to decline under the corrupt David Deutsch and the idiot Fred Robinson.   Here is a cut and paste from on-line Circuit Court records for Prince Georges County documenting Councilman Henri Gardner's Federal Tax Lien:       

Circuit Court of MarylandGo Back
Case Information

Court System:Circuit Court for Prince George's County - Civil System

Case Number:FL11-2851
Case Description:USA vs Gardner
Case Type:Lien/Judgment
Filing Date:09/21/2011
Case Status:Active Status

Plaintiff/Petitioner Information

Party Type:

PlaintiffParty No.:1


IRS - Internal Revenue Service


City:State:Zip Code:
Defendant/Respondent Information

Party Type:

DefendantParty No.:2


Henri Gardner


City:State:Zip Code:

Judgment Information
(Each Judgment is displayed separately.)

Judgment Date:

09/21/2011Status Date:09/21/2011
Status Amount:$32873.3
Against:Henri Gardner

(Each Document listed. Documents are listed in Document No./Sequence No. order)


Document Name:CaseType: Federal Tax Lien
Docket Text:


Document Name:Federal Lien Judgment, Fd
Docket Text:Lien and Judgment entered in favor of United States of America and against Defendant in the amount of $ 32,873.30 , fd mlw

This is an electronic case record. Full case information cannot be made available either because of legal restrictions on access to case records found in Maryland rules 16-1001 through 16-1011, or because of the practical difficulties inherent in reducing a case record into an electronic format.  



The Bowie City Activist endorses the following candidates in this years City elections:

Mayor - Write-in Richard A. Dahms for Mayor. I can run a City Council meeting and act ceremonial better than Gee Fred Flintstone. However, the position I am most qualified for is Chief Executive Officer of the City of Bowie (Executive Branch). A very small group of people have hijacked the City and given City CEO David "little nuts" Deutsch a private fiefdom, so the executive branch in Bowie NEVER faces voters directly. Highly undemocratic, wouldn't you agree Judge Gerard Devlin?

Who cares more for Bowie? A member of one of modern Bowie's original pioneering families now spanning 4 generations over 50 years OR David "little nuts" Deutsch who has had his private fiefdom since 1993 moving to Bowie from a small township in Pennsylvania only after I ousted his predecessor for incompetence?

District 2 - Pete Mellits is the best. He absolutely right about how code enforcement in Bowie needs an over haul. I do as much code enforcement in Bowie as our paid city staff does. Polangin has ZERO legislative accomplishments during her tenure as our District 2 City Councilwoman. We endorse Pete Mellits again in 2011.

At Large - We again endorse Todd Turner, this time for a Citywide seat on the City Council. Todd has been the most forward and critical thinking Council member we have had in recent years. He is open to change, and he does not hesitiate to question the status quo. Well Golly Gee Fred, just because the City has been doing things a certain way since the 1980s, doesn't make it right.    

The Bowie City Activist Website endorses Todd Turner for At-Large Council Representative
Pete Mellits is the best choice for District 2 - in 2009 and 2011!
A flashback from the Bowie political past.........


David "little nuts" Deutsch got a pay raise. He is now making $202,944, up from a little over $196,000 just a couple years ago. How odd!

Here we have an unelected Chief Executive Officer being given a pay raise by The Bowie City Council while the Council's constituents who pay little nuts' salary are suffering through the worst economy since the Great Depression. More evidence of the group financial collusion between the Bowie City Council (Legislative Branch) and the City Manager (Executive Branch). While Bowie citizens are losing their life savings, losing their jobs, losing their property values and losing their homes, "little nuts" gives himself a raise.    

How clueless to the real world are our City Council who approved "little nuts" pay raise? People in Bowie are losing their life savings, going hungry, losing their jobs and losing their homes, property values are plummeting and David "little nuts" - the smallest, cowardly man you will ever meet gets a raise?

"Let them eat cake", said unelected David "little nuts" Deutsch from his second floor luxury office at the new Bowie City Hall as he looked out the window of his private fiefdom financed by public taxation.

"It's real easy to get rich living off the suckers in Bowie", Deutsch added. "They are clueless about the separate branches of government applying to Maryland cities, and most people in Bowie can be fooled by making them think Gee Fred Robinson is in charge", laughed David "little nuts" Deutsch.  

Here is the letter from the City communicating Deutsch's new $202,944 salary level - making more than the County Executive:







  • District 4 candidate Carl Brown does not support bringing Metro into Bowie. Why not? As most Washington, D.C. real estate investors who remember history know, where ever Metro goes housing prices escalate to new levels when the Metro extensions are announced. I guess Mr. Brown hasn’t noticed the slumping housing values here in Bowie. Thankfully, Councilman Todd Turner has been advocating Metro for Bowie.
  • I keep seeing these green campaign signs on a couple of fences on Northview Drive, and the face of a candidate on the sign, but I can’t make the name out. A rookie mistake. Next time, Mr. Babatunde Alegbelege (say that name fast 5 times) please make sure motorists can see your name on your campaign signs from their cars. Believe it or not, it is as important as seeing your face and not knowing who you are!
  • District 4 Councilman Isaac Trouth’s campaign has entered into a “personal service Agreement” with a political operative named Che Sayles. The total amount of the contract is $700 and for “personal services  of door to door canvassing and door knocking, Sayles is to be paid in three (3) installments on or before November 8, 2011.  There is no mention of the price and terms of disposing opponent Carl Brown’s campaign signs!
  • At-Large candidate Jim Bell seems like a nice guy, but I think I’ll write myself in as my second at-large selection after I vote for Councilman Todd Turner for At Large. Dennis Brady has been on the City Council way too long.
  • I hope Mickey and Terry Devaney change their collective underwear more often than they change their Mayoral campaign signs.
  • Let’s see! Councilwoman Diane Polangin contributes to each of her City Council colleagues campaigns. Hum…could it be? Is Councilwoman Polangin positioning herself politically for a Citywide run in 2013?
  • Speaking of Councilwoman, “I am Woman hear me roar” Polangin, I could have been dreaming, but I will almost swear I saw Polangin on TV with Burt Oliver and Movie Star actor John Wayne as I was switching channels to find Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Bennis and George Costanza. Not that there is anything wrong with that!
  • Brain dead City Clerk Pam Fleming, who should have retired in 2005 but the entrenched City regime still needs her to “fix” our city elections, let another campaign file finance reports without the candidate certifying the financials.  Bowie City Activist readers will remember that sloppy 2005 City election when the moron Mayor Gee Fred Robinson and At-Large Councilman Dennis Brady both failed to certify their campaign finance reports.  This time, the City Clerk failed to catch District 1 Councilman James Marcos who has filed 2011 campaign finance reports without the required certification by the candidate. Shame on Mr. Pizza man! You need to certify them Jimmy to be in compliance with City law!

  • Welcome Dwayne A. Preston, who will start as Bowie's new Deputy Chief of Police in January, 2012.  Deputy Chief Preston, I was the Bowie Police department’s “first customer” - the most dangerous man in all of Bowie-  and was voted most likely to be taser abused by the Bowie Police at Sharon Harley’s house in 2011.  Zap! Zap!!
  • Sharon Harley continues to fight for her home. Imagine being booted out of your own paid-off home by the Prince Georges County Sheriff’s Department. The illegal eviction drew so many Sheriff’s department squad cars and law enforcement personnel that I thought a modern day Al Capone or Bonnie and Clyde were being taken into custody at the Harley home. There is a Declaratory Judgment case pending before a jury trial docketed in the Circuit Court of Prince Georges County that is to decide the legal ownership of the Harley property.    
  • MedAssurant, one of the City’s largest private companies headquartered here across from Bowie Town Center, is considering pulling out of Bowie. Reason? The unreliable BGE electrical service. And how long has this been going on in Bowie? Seems like forever, yet the moron Mayor Gee Fred Robinson always expresses his concerns every time there is a prolonged outage. Robinson’s answer? Another BGE meeting. How many meetings does it take an idiot like Robinson to fix a problem that has been going on here in Bowie for many years? It’s no skin off my teeth; my Belair Engineering whole house generator powered the house for 4 days in the aftermath of Tropical storm Irene. I just feel bad the people who can’t afford the back-up systems.
  • I think the Occupy Wall Street movement would be far more effective if they Occupied Bowie, and strung “little nuts” out to dry!      

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